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My name is Carlos D’La Cruz, owner and founder of “Carlos’ Boat Works”.

I started this company back in 2000. Because of my love for the sea and boats. I grew up surrounded by boats and water. So my love for these, has been there from the beginning.

        I had my mind set on working hard to take my business to the highest point. And this could only be done by dedication to what I do and respect to my costumer by providing the best service possible.

So, after thirteen years of service and repairing all kinds of boats. From small jobs like Windows, railings, refreshing the wood, polishing and waxing. To big jobs like decks, sides, bottoms and reconstructing whole boats. After all, Am still pursuing the best for my clients and perfecting the art of boat repairing and servicing.

Every job has its own challenges and every client their mind made up about what they want. Believe me, I will be sincere with you and tell you what you need. What Am saying is this, if you give me a job to do, I will do it right. And if you have your own specifications, your wish is my command. The job will be done!

Thanks for checking my website! I really appreciate it!

If you have questions, please contact me, I will do my best to serve you well.


               Carlos D’La Cruz


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